DevalVR parameters

This is a list with all DevalVR parameters for HTML configuration and Javascript programming. See this page to learn how to write HTML parameters.


 Parameter Description  Values  Default
 src Sets the panorama filename
  url   ""

 Load several images in the viewer. The filenames must be written seperated by commas.

 View Loading multiples panoramas with DevalVR

 "url1, url2, url3, ..."  ""
 filetype  Sets the real extension of the file loaded with "src" parameter. This feature is used to avoid some restrictions of corporative firewalls. For example, you can rename your file to panorama.pdf and configure DevalVR with src="panorama.pdf" and filetype="mov". The viewer will recognize the panorama.pdf file like a MOV file.
 extension ""


Image quality and effects:

 Parameter Description  Values  Default

Sets the render filter. The viewer uses this filter when the image moves.

0: Linear filter
1: Bilinear filter
2: Antialiasing filter (slow)
3: Antialiasing + bilinear (slow)

NOTE: These filters are obsolete with hardware accelerated rendering. Use always filter 1 for better quality (filter 1 is the default value if this parameter is absent).

  0 - 3   1
 postfilter The viewer uses this filter when the image stops.

Values: Same that "filter" parameter.
  0 - 3   3

Sets the initial render to grayscale colors

0: Disabled
1: Enabled

  0 - 1   0


Interface parameters:

 Parameter Description  Values  Default
 bgcolor Sets the background color.
  "#RRGGBB"  ""
 plugincolor Sets the tools bar color. This color is set for the windows border too (about and external window).
  "#RRGGBB"  ""
 barstrings Sets the tools bar tooltips.
"..., ..., ..., ..., ..., ..., ..., ..., ..."  ""

Activates or deactivates the tools bar in the bottom-left corner.

0: Hidden
1: Visible

  0 - 1   1
 menu Context menu options

0: Hidden
1: Visible
  0 - 1   1
 resize Activates or deactivates the resize corner.

0: Hidden
1: Visible
  0 - 1   1
 logo  Sets the url for logo image
(BMP without compression)

The black color (#000000) is interpreted as transparent color
 url  ""
 logoshadow  Sets the url for logo shadow image
(BMP without compression)

This image darkens the zone underneath the logo.
The white color (#FFFFFF) does not darken the image.
 url  ""
 logoalpha  Sets the alpha value to blend the logo image (not logoshadow).
 0 - 100   100
 logourl  Sets the url showed in the browser when the logo is clicked

 It Shows or hides progress bar

 0: Hidden
 1: Visible

 0 - 1   1
 abouturl  Sets the page url for the About window.
 url  ""

 This parameter defines the visible buttons in tools bar, and it can be used to disable some default functions like "Viewfinder".

 The value to define the visible buttons is the same than for the ACTIVEBUTTONS script instruction

 0 - 1023  1023

 Defines language for viewer texts. By default, viewer uses system language if available. This parameter forces viewer to use selected language in all computers.

 simplified chinese
 traditional chinese

 system language


Camera parameters:

 Parameter Description  Values  Default
 velocity Sets the rotation velocity.

0: No rotation.
1 - 100: 1=slowest, 100=fastest
  0 - 100   8
 acceleration Sets the acceleration-decceleration factor.

0: No acceleration.
1 - 100: 1=little acceleration, 100=biggest acceleration
  0 - 100   8

Sets the behavior of the reference point to calculate the camera movement with the mouse. If it is enabled, the reference point is the point where the mouse clicks. If it is disabled, the reference point is the center of the viewer.

0: Disabled
1: Enabled  (Default for QTVR files and JPEG panoramas)
2: Force disabled
3: Force enabled

  0 - 3 1

 Sets the delay time in secods to begin the automatic rotation or sequence file. If autoplay=0 (default), the autoplay is disabled.

 Delay time  0

 Define autoplay speed in degrees by second.

 Positive values rotates the camera to the right and negative values rotates the camera to the left.

 -999 to 999  8

 Sets the filename of sequence configuration file. This file can be created with DevalVR player.

 View Autoplay and sequencer with DevalVR

 url  ""
 screensaver  Enable or disable the screensaver function. With this function enabled, the autoplay movement stops when the mouse moves.
0: Disabled
 1: Enabled
 0 - 1  0
 rotationx Initial tilt angle
 -90 - 90   0
 rotationy Initial pan angle
 -180 - 180   0
 zoom Initial zoom.

zoom value = 45 / vertical field of view
  0.3  -  5.0   1.0
 minrotationx Sets minimal tilt angle.
 -90   -   90  -90
 maxrotationx Sets maximal tilt angle.
 -90   -   90   90
 minrotationy Sets minimal pan angle.
 -180   -   180 no limits
 maxrotationy Sets maximal pan angle.
 -180   -   180 no limits
 minzoom Sets minimal zoom value
  0.3  -  5.0  0.3
 maxzoom Sets maximal zoom value
  0.3  -  5.0  5.0

Defines mouse behavior. Default value for panoramas is 2

 0: default behavior (it depends of content type) 
 1: dragging mode
 2: panoramic mode (default mode for panoramas)
 3: aerial mode

 0 - 3  0

 Sets the delay time in secods to begin the automatic rotation or sequence file. If this parameter is 0 (default), this function is disabled.

 This parameter has two values (separated by commas), first value is the delay time in seconds, and second value is the percentage loaded when this delay time begins. For example, to begin automatic rotation after 1.5  seconds when the image is 50% loaded, this parameter must be "1.5 , 50"

 This parameter activates autorotation only once, only the first time. After user iteration, the time defined with 'autoplay' parameter is used to activate autorotation the next times. 

 "Delay Time,
 "0 , 0"



 Parameter Description  Values   Default
 synchronism Synchronizes the render frequency of viewer with the refresh frequency of monitor, in order to prevent the defects in the image when it moves.
0: Disabled
1: Enabled
  0 - 1   0
 projection  Sets the special projection of the view.


 0: Normal projection (default)
 1: Polar coordinates
 2: Sinusoidal polar coordinates
 3: Force spherical projection 
 4: Force cylindrical projection
 5: Stereographic projection
 0 - 4   0
 invertpano  Invert the visible face of the panorama. (Only for spherical and cylindrical panoramas)
 0 - 1   0
 fullmode  Sets the resolution for the full screen mode.


 0: The same resolution that desktop. (default)
 1: 320 x 240 pixels
 2: 640 x 480 pixels
 3: 800 x 600 pixels
 4: 1024 x 768 pixels 
 0 - 4   3
 fullscreen  Sets full screen mode when viewer starts

 0: Disabled
 1: Enabled
 0 - 1   0

 Return the plugin version, this value is read-only. The value returned is a hexadecimal number (four bytes integer).

 Example: For version number "" the value returned is 0x00030201

 read only read only
 allowhalfvideo  Allows plugin reduce image quality when required video memory does not exist to enable hardware acceleration.
 0: Disabled
 1: Enabled
 0 - 1  0
 pluginname  This parameter defines a name for the viewer to use with "plugincamera" parameter
 name  ""
 plugincamera  All camera values of current plugin will be sent to the plugin with the same plugin name that "name", configured in the target plugin with 'pluginname' parameter.
 name  ""


Only for standalone player:

 Parameter Description  Values   Default

 (Only standalone player)
 Sets the interface mode for the viewer window. (If the name of standalone player is player.exe, default value is 0)
 0: default title bar
 1: default title bar, tools buttons. (default)
 2: only viewer window.
 3: system title bar, menu
 4: system title bar, menu, tools buttons
 5: system title bar
 6: system title bar, tools buttons

 0 - 2  1
 viewerwidth  (Only standalone player)

 Sets the initial width of viewer window.
 pixels  600
 viewerheight  (Only standalone player)
 Sets the initial height of viewer window.
 pixels  400

 (Only standalone player)

 Sets the initial horizontal position of viewer window in the desktop (top-left corner).

 pixels  0

 (Only standalone player)

 Sets the initial vertical position of viewer window in the desktop (top-left corner).

 pixels  0

 (Only standalone player)

 Alignment value of viewer window, same values that IMAGE instruction (default #99, centered in the screen)

 See IMAGE  #99

 (Only standalone player)

 Maximize window at the beginning 
 0: Disabled
 1: Enabled

 0 - 1  0

 (Only standalone player)

 Show button to close application 
 0: Hidden
 1: Visible

 0 - 1  0

 (Only standalone player)

 Show viewer windows at the top of all windows in the desktop
 0: Disabled
 1: Enabled

 0 - 1  0

 (Only standalone player)

 Enables ESC key to close player
 0: Disabled
 1: Enabled

 0 - 1  0

 (Only standalone player)

 The text shown in the title bar of the player

text  ""

 (Only standalone player)

 Only one instance of the application in the system.
 0: Disabled
 1: Enabled

 0 - 1  0

 (Only standalone player)

 Enables the "Drag & Drop" feature of the player, to open a file when the icon is dragged into the player window. By default this feature is enabled. For CD projects, maybe it's better to disable this feature, to disallow that any user can drag a file into the application.
 0: Disabled
 1: Enabled

 0 - 1  1

 (Only standalone player)

 Disables the screensaver of the system when the application is running
 0: Default behavior
 1: Screensaver is disabled

 0 - 1  0