DevalVR technology -  support pages

- DevalVR logos

- How to configure a HTML page to use DevalVR

- DevalVR viewer to play QTVR movies

- Standalone player configuration (how to define parameters for the player) 

DevalVR parameters

- Javascript programming 

Javascript events

Javascript example

Javascript example: Image capturer

- Scripts programming for DevalVR

Script instructions

Programming instructions


DevalVR examples:

Graphic user interfaces



One-shot panoramas

- Inverted panoramas (the granite soccerball example :)

- Stereographic projection (little planet example)

- Hotspots example - thumbnails example

- Fullscreen button example

- Custom interface - Loading the user interface from a different file

- Joystick example

- Mousemode example

- Cubic panorama from 6 separate images

Spin controls

Linear compass - Rotative compass - Inverse rotative compass

- Dragging objects with mouse - dragging image

Multi-panoramas - Timelapse example

Formats comparison MOV and JPEG

Quality comparison

A text over panoramic image (fullscreen example)

Interactive Flash movies into panoramas

Interactive embedded Flash movie

Youtube example

Interactive overlayer Flash movie