DevalVR viewer to play QTVR movies

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DevalVR is a 3D multipurpose viewer to play interactive contents on the Internet. With DevalVR it is possible to view all types of panoramic images: cubic, spherical and cylindrical panoramas. Additionally, QTVR format is fully supported by DevalVR.

There are two programs to view panoramic images: DevalVR plugin , to view all contents on the Internet, and DevalVR player , to view contents in local mode (Hard Disk or CD).

To download the DevalVR player click here: DevalVR player ( ) Win98/NT and Win2000/Me/XP/Vista

To download the DevalVR Unicode player click here: DevalVR player Unicode version ( ) Win2000/Me/XP/Vista

NOTE: Unicode player is the best solution to work with any language.

DevalVR player


Install plugin

Installation program:

There are two different versions of the DevalVR plugin: a version for Internet Explorer browser and another version for Netscape and compatible browsers (Mozilla, Firefox, Opera...).

To install the plugin with the installer program click here:

There are two installers (installdevalvr.exe and installnpdevalvr.exe). The downloaded program depends on the browser when you enter in the above link, you will download one of these programs:

installdevalvr.exe ( KB)  Internet Explorer installer
installnpdevalvr.exe ( KB)  Netscape/ Firefox/ Opera installer

After installing the plugin with the installer program, is necessary to restart the browser.

DevalVR plugin

Inside the browser:
Another way to install DevalVR plugin is within the plugins installation system of the browser. When you access a web page with the plugin, a message will appear asking you about installing the plugin and the steps to continue.

When the plugin is not installed, the browser will search for the plugin. In Internet Explorer, the installation is automatic, the user only must accept a validation window. The Netscape users can be redirected to this page:

This installation method is faster and it is not necessary to restart the browser, but some browsers have restricted the use of this method. The plugins are smaller than installer versions:

Internet Explorer plugin:  KB.
Netscape/Firefox/Opera plugin:    KB.




The DevalVR player and DevalVR browser plugin are free to use. There isn't any restriction to use DevalVR viewer on the Internet or on CD presentations.


System requirements

- Windows 98 or later
- Pentium 166MHz or later
- 64MB RAM memory
- 1MB Video memory

The browser version required is Internet Explorer 4.0 or later, or Netscape 6.0 or later.

The viewer works in all desktop color modes: 15, 16, 24 and 32 bpp modes.

To view a high quality image of 5000x2500 pixels, only 64 MB of RAM are required.

DevalVR stores the images into RAM memory in 24 bpp color mode. For this reason, the RAM memory required depends of the panorama image size. The required amount of RAM memory will be: imageWidth x imageHeight x 3 (24 bits = 3 bytes) + ~12 MBytes (memory for the viewer).

DevalVR viewer does not require any external library like DirectX or OpenGL. It works in all Windows operating systems 98/NT/Me/2000/XP.

The viewer does not require VRAM memory and is not necessary that the system has a 3D accelerated graphics card. Only a video card with 1 MB of VRAM is necessary.


QTVR features supported 

These are the QTVR features supported by the last version of the viewer:

- Preview images

- Cylindrical panorama movies

Cylindrical panorama example:


- Object movies

Object movie example:

- Cubic panorama movies

Cubic panorama example:

- Tiled cubic panorama movies

Tiled cubic panorama example:




- The image compression codec must be JPEG codec.

NOTE: Sorenson video codec is not supported, because it is a propietary format and documentation does not exist to develop a decoder.

To do:

- Hotspots and multinodal movies
- Logos and images into QTVR movies
- Ambient Sound. (3D sound too, with variable volume in L R speakers when camera rotates).
- Macromedia Flash movies into QTVR movies *

* DevalVR already supports interactive Flash movies into panoramas, in next versions this feature will also be added in QTVR movies, even surpassing the interactivity of the QuickTime player).

Interactive flash movie example.

This is an example with a interactive Flash movie into a cylindrical panorama:



Plugin Detection 

The best way to show a QTVR file is to use Javascript detection. You can use these files to configure your web pages:

You must include only two lines in your HTML files to show the viewer window:

This is the syntax of writecode function:

writecode( file1, file2, file3, file4, file5, width, height);

file1 = file for QuickTime
file2 = file for DevalVR
file3 = file for Java (PTViewer or Pureplayer, see "detectvr.js" file to use Pureplayer)
file4 = file for Flash
file5 = file for SPI-V
width = horizontal size of viewer window, in pixels or percentage
height = vertical size of viewer window, in pixels or percentage

If you want to use only QT and DevalVR viewers and specify a viewer size, set all filenames to "", for example:

For width or height parameters a pixel size or percentage can be used. If a negative value is defined, this means "browser 100%" - "value in pixels".

For example, to define a viewer window of width=100% and height=100% - 60 px:


See this forum for latest changes and help 

For Javascript programmers, see the content of "detectvr.js" file to learn how to detect DevalVR.


Javascript programming

You can use Javascript code to control the plugin from web page or from some ActiveX container programs like Macromedia Director, Macromedia Authorware, Microsoft Office, etc. See this page: Javascript programming


Plugin configuration

This is the basic code to view QTVR movies with the DevalVR plugin:

When the web page opens, select the "View" menu in your browser and the "Source code" option to view the HTML code. You can copy this HTML code to create your pages with DevalVR. The code necessary to configure the plugin is between the <OBJECT> and </OBJECT> tags (it inclusives).

This is the HTML code to configurate the plugin:

Change the file name in the two parameters "src" to set the movie file name. The "src" parameter into OBJECT tags sets the file name for Internet Explorer. The "src" parameter into EMBED tags sets the file name for Netscape and compatible browsers.

The "src" parameter can be a relative url like "../movies/" or "", or can be a full path beginning by "http://", like for example " ".

Parameters syntax:

The parameters must be written twice. Once for Internet Explorer and compatible browsers, behind OBJECT tag, and again for Netscape and compatible browsers, within EMBED tag. 

This is the syntax to set a parameter for Internet explorer browsers:

<PARAM NAME="parameter_name" VALUE="parameter_value">

This is the syntax to set a parameter for Netscape/Firefox/Opera browsers:



HTML code example with several parameters:


This is the complete list of all DevalVR parameters: DevalVR paramaters


Control keys:

The plugin and the standalone player has the same control keys:

LEFT SHIFT: Increments zoom

LEFT CONTROL: Decrements zoom

RIGHT SHIFT: Show telescope

ARROW KEYS: Tilt and pan rotation.

[*]: Set the zoom to its initial value.