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I created a new plugin for WordPress to insert a QTVR file easily, so now, this issue is very a piece of cake!  See this: QTVR Viewer – WordPress plugin

This is an example to insert a player of 480 x 300 pixels, to view a panoramic picture with QuickTime and DevalVR :

This is the code for this example:

{qtvr 480 300 devalvr( "autoplay", "3", "autoplayspeed", "-4") selection( Choose viewer: , detect, devalvr, qt)}

best regards!


The plugin is available in the WordPress repository: QTVR Viewer

24 Responses to “DevalVR in WordPress”

  1. travel says:

    Nice post! Very complete and detail information. That

  2. Get A Trip says:

    Though some of the tech stuff is over my head I know when I see interesting and useful information. I will forward this post to my development group as we are currently in web development of a travel site, with Word Press Blog.

  3. This is really great. I am going to ask you plainly about this because this is new to me. Can i make my personal pictures? If yes, what tools do you used? If no, fine.

  4. admin says:

    Yes, you can make your own pictures. A lot of cameras have some software to create cylindrical pictures in QTVR format.


  5. KVS Setty says:

    Hello Sir,
    I tried my best to make use of this plugin, in spite of following the instructions pin to pin I was unable to see the panos (mov files in QTVR format) on my blog, can you can help me where I was gone wrong.

    Some details are here:

    WP: version2.8
    Firefox browser.

    In fact I tried with your sample mov files and the code statement copied and pasted from your example with necessary file name changes.

    tried with absolute paths ,nothing works. Please help me

  6. KVS Setty says:


    Sorry, I for got the paste the contents of the page, here it is :

    You can have look at my labs customer area in this panorama made on a Sunday. We are closed on Sundays that is why shutters are half open and you can see some students who attended the workshop scheduled on that day.
    {qtvr panosqtvr/ 300 240 devalvr( “autoplay”, “3″, “autoplayspeed”, “-4″) selection( Choose viewer: , detect, devalvr, qt)}

    And the link to the pahe is here:

  7. admin says:

    Hi KVS Setty,

    Trank you very much for your notice. Now I see the problem in the code. I fixed it and upload a new version 1.1 . You can update your plugin from your control panel. Please, update and test again.

    Your link was very useful to find the problem.

    Thank you!

  8. KVS Setty says:

    Hello fiero,

    Thank you very much, now it works like a rocket,what a piece of plugin you have crafted , just wonderful and amazing.

    But one small feature request:

    I want a preview still jpg image first shown and when visitor wants to see the qtvr he click a button or somethig and at that time mov file should load and replace the still image.

    how to do that? must be there already but not able to trace it ,
    if already such feature exists point me to the topic .

    to see what i am trying to say ,please visit this page:

  9. Phoebe says:

    Wow…thats cool..

    I am lost for words…I always feel that the best way to show a 3D object is to show it in different ways !

    Thanks…gotta download it now to show this new stuff

  10. Scott says:

    Solo quiero decir muchas gracias FIero. Thank you so much for making this plug-in available, it worked like a charm! I put up three pano movies tonight already. Thanks again!

  11. cool gadgets says:

    What a great plugin. It really makes the panoramic picture as live!. Download and hope Ill us it on my coming blog. Thanks and keep the good work

  12. Hari says:

    Yes this works for me. Thanks

  13. aab says:

    Hi Fiero,
    I am facing the same problem experienced in a previous post by: KVS Setty> I am using:
    QTVR Viewer ver. 1.2
    wp- ver. 2.8.3
    explorer browser
    I had my panoramas in a sub folder under wp-content, and used this code: {qtvr panos/ 480 300}
    when I run the page I got an error message:File not found. when I move my mov file to root of wp-content the with tis code: {qtvr 480 300}
    the plugin works fine.
    Any suggestions !



  14. Nice creation.. I will installing to my website then.. =)

  15. Dizi İzle says:

    What a great plugin. It really makes the panoramic picture as live!. Download and hope Ill us it on my coming blog. Thanks and keep the good work

  16. TheTechForum says:

    Hello, please could you register on my Tech Forum at thanks.

  17. oyunlar says:

    i try it, its working! thanks

  18. admin says:

    I updated the plugin to 1.4 version.

    This new version starts the viewer with a play button. This is better for performance, to start the viewer only when the user wants to do it.

    I added a new function to add a preview image (under play button). You can add this function in the {qtvr } statement, for example:

    {qtvr 480 300 devalvr(“autoplay”, “3″, “autoplayspeed”, “-4″) selection(Choose viewer: ,detect, devalvr, qt) preview(image.jpg)}

    The base folder for the filename into “preview()” function is WP-CONTENT


  19. Chad says:

    Nice thanks for the plugin.

  20. I’ll try it for my another site.
    I’ll report you here about the result.

  21. Hola Fiero:
    ¡Mucho tiempo sin molestarte y sin saber de tí.
    Supongo que me recuerdas. Caray qué pesadez con los problemas de Internet, las plataformas, plugins, etc.
    Al final opté por enseñar las vistas en flash por aquello de …..
    Y llega el Sr. Jobs y dice que nanay de falsh. Total, todas las vistas en flash + html 5 para los iphone Ipad, Android.
    Y uno aquí pariendo.
    Ahora resulta que estoy intentando montar “todo” (google Maps, vistas, etc.) en WordPress y ….. ¡JO….R!
    De pronto me acuerdo de vosotros y me encuentro que teneis un plugin, para ello (aunque veo que no tiene hostpot).
    Mi duda es. Seguimos teniendo el problema de instalación de Fox, GoogleChrome, etc.?
    En todo caso, recuerdos y muchas gracias por tu trabajo que paso a probar.
    Un saludo,

  22. Thiefsie says:

    Hi There,

    I’m trying to get this into my WordPress site and all that comes up is the white quicktime box with the question mark logo in chrome. If I do it in Iexplore and force devalvr, the picture never loads (just stays black with the toolbar). I can confirm that your preview ones here work in both these browsers no issues.

  23. Thiefsie says:

    I seemed to get it working – it would appear the pathfinding was having an issue… copied your script direct and it worked perfectly… maybe I left a space out?

    I’m getting an ugly white border around the pano – Is that my theme or something to do with your script perhaps?

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