DevalVR for photographers and web developers

DevalVR is a program specially developed to view high quality photographic contents on the Internet. New features are added to the viewer every day, this fact gives it a great advantage to build any project with a maximum effectiveness.

DevalVR is a free viewer . You can use it to show all your panoramas on the Internet or to create your CD projects.

DevalVR can be used to show 360×180 panoramas in JPEG or QTVR format. You can find here more info about how to use DevalVR technology: support pages

Visit our support forum to find more information and to share experiencies with other developers.

DevalVR is 100% Spyware free.

3 Responses to “DevalVR for photographers and web developers”

  1. DevalVR will come in handy for me. I’m surprised no one else has commented on this yet. I’m going to go and check it out. Why does it say though that it is “spyware free?” That makes me nervous.

  2. admin says:

    Hi leo,

    Sorry for my delay in answering. Usually, I don’t use this interface for “the conversation”. All DevalVR users use the forum to speak about the software, for this reason there is not messages here. You can see

    In the first version of this site I added the ‚Äúspyware free” icon because DevalVR was unknown, and maybe some users could be reluctant to install a new software. We know that the icon is not a warranty, but I saw this icon in other sites and I thought that could be a good idea as a declaration of principes.

    Anyway, now maybe it’s better to remove this icon, because 5000 plugin downloads every day is a good warranty at this moment ;-)


  3. Leo says:

    Thanks Fiero for your reply.

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