Spherical video camera

We are working from some time ago in the construction of a new spherical video camera ( www.videopanoramas.com ). The target of this project is to create an inexpensive camera for spherical video recording. This device is under development, but it will be available soon. Some images of the latest prototype:

Front 360 camera

Corner 360 camera

For video recording it’s neccessary a laptop with an expresscard slot and Windows XP SP2 (or above).

The camera does not require an aditional power supply, all the power is obtained from the laptop, so, this is a very autonomous configuration.

They exist removable UV filters in front of every lens, to assure the best image quality and protection.

They exist two modes of capturing, full and half resolution, with these features:

- Half resolution: 3000×1500 at max. 30FPS
- Full resolution: 6000×3000 at max. 10FPS

The data is stored in MJPEG format in the laptop. This requires really a great amount of hard disk space, but the video can be compressed after capturing with any high performance video codec. Or any video frame could be extracted as a single spherical panoramic image.

At this moment we are working in the capturing software. This is an screenshot of the work in progress:

More news soon …

34 Responses to “Spherical video camera”

  1. Michael Maré says:

    This is going to be a huge success! Look forward to the first video examples. Purchase to follow ;)

  2. Snake-YAVA says:

    Cool! I want see examples of spherical video, too. :)

  3. spiritburner says:

    look forward to seeing this, we are playing with 360 video at the moment using a single shot mirror lens and also looking at this in 3d as well, we can see lots of use for this especially over here in spain with a view to tourism, keep us up to date please…. thanks

  4. Firefly360 says:

    This is great news! Keep us posted. :-)

  5. Going to buy it!!! says:

    BEST LUCK :)
    i would love to buy 1 or more !

    , although.. i wished i there was a way to make it myself because this is what i believe the main idea of Pano’ s.

    anyway, KEEP US UPDATED :P

  6. MARLON DALEY says:

    Please think about making it possible for single frame at specified intervals, this seem perfect for a diy streetview setup much like mapjack.com and make it possible for software to log gps coordinates, thank you. do you have an estimate of the price.

  7. Melen says:

    This looks very interesting. I have just recently uploaded some of my work online. Luckily my computer started working properly. After reading some edit windows registry help I was able to resolve my computer’s registry problem.

    I can’t wait to have one of this I have to see how much I can do with it :)

  8. Enrique says:

    I agree with MARLON DALEY, don’t forget to make it possible to take pictures, even (maybe) with more quality, so we could use it like a system to make traditional panos, or even better, something like Google Street View.

  9. ChinaPano says:

    I am looking forward to this product we hope to exceed ladybug(ptrey.com). By the way, released time ?, and how much money?

    more information

  10. TieVee says:

    Do you have an example the see the quality? Also I am very interesting in the total price for such a configuration.
    The pictures are looking OK by me. I’ll hope to get some further info soon.


  11. Laserx says:

    Hi Fiero,
    Hows the project?
    Looking forward to seeing some samples..

  12. luca vascon says:

    :-) ))
    Armando, I’m with you, you know?!?!
    Mail me!!!

  13. Nicolas says:

    Hi Fiero,

    Also looking for some samples, and a release date ;-)


  14. gargit says:

    release date and how much money?

  15. Mike says:

    Any updates on this? It sounds really groundbreaking and like others have said, if you can take good quality images with it rather than just video it could be huge! Of course the price has to be right, that’s the tricky bit ;)

  16. alvaro says:

    looking to buy one as soon as it is available

  17. Synxmax says:

    Awsome , looking forward for more news , and if this is going to be available i will purchase

  18. Rienus says:

    Hi Fiero

    Is there any news concerning this project? Are you making progress?

    Greetings from Switzerland ;-)

  19. looking to buy one as soon as it is available

  20. Firefly360 says:

    Hi Fiero,

    Any updates on this project?


  21. That’s really cool. Would love to see an update soon!

  22. mark says:


    It has been over a year now…since the proces of the progress is going on, I wonder how things are running these days?



  23. synxmax says:

    Any news ? , i am hardly looking after this
    Wish u best

  24. jaaaab says:

    One year and still no reply… they must work really hard on it!

  25. I’m also waiting for more informations and news about this camera :)

  26. Geraldo says:

    I was very interested in your project
    would like to have a forecast for the launch
    mainly on the issue of price, because we have few options in the market with high prices.

    Thks, Geraldo.

  27. vasya says:

    Very Cool!

  28. Max says:

    I hope this hasn’t been abandoned- it looks very promising

  29. Valerio Vendegna says:

    wow! wooW!! WOOOW!!
    please keep me update.
    I beg, if u want, I shoud like to know some tecnical data about the equipment u used in your panos. Expecially the first ones…
    Complimenti ancora.
    Best regards

  30. cucu says:

    Great project I hope still going ahead. Keep us updated please!

  31. panorama 360 says:


    Is this available yet ?
    where can i get it and what is the price for it

  32. Wow that’s insane, it will give you an opportunity to make a spherical video or to shoot panorama in 1 second ;) keep informing us about this project
    Best regards

  33. admin says:

    After a lot of pauses in the project, finally I have a finished prototype. The camera will take single images, HDR images, timelapse or videos. This is the first “one shot” image obtained with the camera. I continue working to finish the firmware and the latest details of hardware (I will test some new lens in the next days, because I’m not completely satisfied with my current lens). The camera has four image sensors (5 megapixel each), to obtain a partial spherical panorama, but I will create a version with five sensors (one sensor on the top).

    I will create soon a new page for this project here http://www.videopanoramas.com

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