Panorama Player Comparisons

Keith Martin and some contributors have launched a project with some testing pages to compare the most used panoramic viewers: Panorama Player Comparisons

The site uses images with a similar number of pixels for all viewers, so it’s possible to compare the behavior of any viewer to load and show the images, and how many resources are used by every viewer.

Not all viewers are available for all Operating Systems, for example, DevalVR is only available for Windows, PangeaVR is only available for Mac, and Spi-V is only available for Windows and Mac platforms. Some Flash and Java viewers have problems in some Linux distributions too.

Good resource to see every panoviewer face to face! ;-)

2 Responses to “Panorama Player Comparisons”

  1. synxmax says:

    And The Winner is ;)

    Even my grandma can say which one is :D

  2. Mark Patterson says:

    Wow. DevalVR is clearly ahead of the pack.

    Could you PLEASE code a version that runs under Silverlight (and thus could be used on MACs).

    VRLight just isn’t responsive enough for real applications.


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